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Insights from Controlled Light Propagation: Seeing Order in Disorder

By David Norris (guest post)

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on the Controlled Light Propagation Incubator meeting at OSA headquarters in Washington, DC

example of biomedical imaging
Example of Biomedical imaging -source: wikipedia commons

The application of adaptive optics techniques–namely, optical wavefront shaping and phase modulation–to correct aberrations arising from highly scattering and disordered media holds tremendous promise for in vivo fluorescence imaging of biological tissue, and in particular the functional imaging of neural circuits. This topic has experienced an explosion of research activity in recent years, driven in large part by funding and interest from the BRAIN initiative, the Presidential focus aimed at mapping and unlocking the inner workings of the human brain. Following previous Incubator meetings in Optogenetics and Adaptive Optics, the organizers see today’s meeting as a natural next step.

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