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Candy store for Lasers and Electro-Optics

By James Van Howe

This post originally appeared on Jim’s Cleo Blog and is reproduced with permission from its author.

If you haven’t been to the CLEO 2011 conference website in the last week (or even if you have), it is worth taking a look at the video interviews with the programming chairs. There are 11 videos addressing the chairs’ top picks for talks, their views of trends in optics, advice for conference goers, and their impressions of CLEO’s scope and impact for optics research.

In the interviews, the chairs spoke in unison of how CLEO is unique among optics conferences in its breadth of research, particularly spanning basic research to market-ready products. On one hand, you can find talks on fundamental quantum mechanics such as those in the Symposium on the Zeno Effect in Optoelectronics and Quantum Optics whose subject delves into the fundamental nature of measurement. The quantum Zeno effect (or paradox) refers to inhibiting quantum transitions by frequent, repeated measurement. On the other hand, in session “Laser Micro and Nano Structuring”, in CLEO: Technology and Applications: Industrial, Guido Hennig from Daetwyler Graphics AG, will give an invited talk, AMD4, “Laser Microstructuring and Processing in Printing Industry, discussing the use of high-power fiber lasers for engraving printing plates, as well as high-speed laser modulation for laser-induced ink transfer. In one of the video interviews, Harold Metcalf, from SUNY Stoneybrook, CLEO:QELS Fundamental Science General Co-Chair, aptly characterizes the wide scope of such interesting topics. “Looking over the program and the titles of the sessions, I feel like a kid in a candy store- with unlimited funds, but limited time. It’s impossible to do everything,” quips Metcalf. To view the “candy store” selection, which I highly recommend as a way of searching for interesting talks you might otherwise miss, go to the conference itinerary planner and click on “Search” and then the “Session Title” drop down menu. You’ll be overwhelmed, impressed, and excited.

Some of the specific goodies highlighted by the program chairs in the video-interviews were contributed papers and invited talks discussing UV LEDs, photovoltaics, nanoscale laser sources, metamaterials, broadband spectroscopy, and integrating optics on-chip….to view the entire original post, click here.

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