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Active Vibration Isolation

By David Nugent

With CLEO located less than ten miles from the San Andreas Fault you could hardy find a more audacious venue to promote a new vibration isolation system.  Joking aside, the DSP-controlled STACIS active isolators demoed at CLEO: Expo by Technical Manufacturing Corporation are aimed squarely at the burgeoning nanomanufacturing community in Silicon Valley and science parks worldwide.

In a white paper published jointly with piezo ceramic partner Physik Instrumente, TMC describes the principles of its patented STACIS active isolators featuring high-bandwidth (0.6-250Hz) cancellation and proprietary PZT materials.

Personally, I find the most interesting aspect of this white paper is the use of polymer encapsulates to protect the piezo ceramics from moisture ingression. Based on recent conversations around the GPS community I reckon this idea could resonate nicely (pun intended) with location finders as well.

With an audience that includes laboratory scientists, CLEO:Expo provides a great forum for the presentation of innovative benchtop instruments. Other vibration control vendors showing at the expo include CVI Melles Griot, Kinetic Systems, Inc., Newport Corporation, STANDA and Thorlabs.

Here is a corporation presentation from Physik Instrumente. Best viewed in IMAX:

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