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13 – 18 May 2018
15 – 17 May 2018

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Special Symposia Proposals 

The submission period for Special Symposia Proposals has now closed.  
We will annouce the 2018 program in August 2017.


Along with the technical sessions spanning the areas covered by Application & Technology, Science & Innovation and Fundamental Science, CLEO holds Special Symposia, comprising of invited and contributed papers, on areas deemed to be topical and of special interest to attendees of the entire conference.

We welcome every member of the optics and photonics community, world-wide, to submit a proposal for a Special Symposium for consideration for the CLEO program. Submissions consist of timely, cutting-edge topics and/or new material in rapidly advancing areas.

All Symposium proposals are evaluated by CLEO General and Program Chairs.

Submission Guidelines

All Special Symposium Proposals must have been submitted by the deadline of 10 July 2017.  Proposals should include the following information:

  1. Contact/Primary Organizer's Information
  2. Organizers' names, affiliations, country/countries, and email addresses
    *Each Symposium should have 2-3 organizers
  3. Symposium title and abstract
  4. Why is this symposium topic important now and needed in contrast to other years?
  5. Which existing topic subcommittees (any combination of A&T, S&I and FS), if any, would this topic be most aligned with?
    *Note that it is not necessary that the proposed symposium be aligned with any existing subcommittee of CLEO.
  6. Proposed invited speaker list and talk titles.
    * Not necessary to contact speakers until notification of acceptance of symposium proposal. All invited speaker lists require approval of the Program Chairs before invitations can be extended.
July 2017 Special Symposium Proposal Submissions Reviewed by 2017 General and Program Chairs
Week of
28 July 2017
Special Symposium Proposal Contact Notified of Status
Mid-August 2017 Special Symposium Final Information due to CLEO Management

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