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CLEO Press Release archive

Title Date
Six Nobel Laureates and Two Laser Luminaries Discuss Trends in Optics and Microscopy During CLEO Plenary Programs 9 March 2015
CLEO: 2015 Adds New Nobel Prize Winner Eric Betzig to Plenary Session Line Up 14 October 2014
CLEO: 2014 Closes with Increased Attendance, Six Days of Innovative Laser Science & Applications 16 June 2014
OSA Foundation Presents Awards and Travel Grants to Students for CLEO: 2014 10 June 2014
CLEO: 2014 Expects Highest Attendance in Five Years as the Technical Program Expands Engineering Focus 5 June 2014
Lasers and Night-Vision Technology Help Improve Imaging of Hidden Lymphatic System 3 June 2014
CLEO: 2014 - the Premier International Lasers and Electro-Optics Event - Takes Place in San Jose Next Week 2 June 2014
Low Power, Longer Distance, Tiny Package: New Laser Sensing Technology for Self-driving Cars, Smartphones and 3-D Video Games 29 May 2014
Precision-Guided Epidurals and Better Blood Monitors 27 May 2014
First Broadband Wireless Connection…to the Moon?! 22 May 2014
Busting Rust with Light: New Technique Safely Penetrates Top Coat for Perfect Paint Job 20 May 2014
Daylight Solutions Receives 2014 CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award 23 April 2014
Nobel Laureates, Laser Pioneers to Pay Tribute to James P. Gordon at CLEO: 2014 4 March 2014
CLEO: 2013 Press Luncheon Spotlights New Techniques in Optofluidics, Temporal Cloaking, Cryolasers 7 June 2013
CLEO: 2013 Features New Research in UV Light for Food Storage, Printable Quantum Dot LEDs, and Smartphone Disease Detection 4 June 2013
CLEO: 2013 - the Premier International Laser and Electro-Optics Event - to Take Place in San Jose Next Week 3 June 2013
New Single Virus Detection Techniques for Faster Disease Diagnosis 30 May 2013
Just How Secure is Quantum Cryptography? 28 May 2013
KMLabs Receives 2013 CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award 23 April 2013