Technical Conference:
14 – 19 May 2017
16 – 18 May 2017

2014 Daily Wrap-Ups

CLEO: 2014 Day 1
Sunday, June 8


Momentum Builds as CLEO: 2014 Kicks off in San Jose

The first of the attendees arrived on-site Sunday at the San Jose Convention Center for CLEO: 2014. Organizers are expecting an uptick in attendance this year amidst a strong slate of industry-focused and research-oriented programming, the latter of which includes the highest number of paper submissions in CLEO history.

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CLEO: 2014 Day 2
Monday, June 9

Tech Sessions, Symposia Showcase OCT, Nanoscale Photonics, Quantum Optics and More

What do lymph nodes, babies and the moon have in common? They are all covered in one way or another at CLEO: 2014 as part of the nearly 2,000 presentations taking place this week in San Jose. The technical sessions kick off today and run all the way through Friday.

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CLEO: 2014 Day 3
Tuesday, June 10


CLEO: Expo Draws a Crowd on Opening Day

By Tuesday, CLEO activity has reached its highest level and attendees are all but required to dust off their best organization and planning skills in order maximize their time on-site and map out their day accordingly. It starts early in the morning with the first of two CLEO Plenary & Awards Sessions.

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CLEO: 2014 Day 4
Wednesday, June 11


Wednesday Sessions Showcased Laser Applications in Telecom, Therapeutics, Manufacturing and Consumer Electronics

On Wednesday morning, Sir David Payne (University of Southampton), well-known as the inventor of the erbium-doped fiber amplifier, gave a forward looking talk on the future of optical fibers for lasers, sensors and telecommunications. He described the need in the telecom world for ever increasing capacity, noting that demand grows by a factor of seven every four years.

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CLEO: 2014 Day 5
Thursday, June 12


CLEO Highlights Market-Ready Successes, Breaking Research on 5th Day of Programming

On Thursday, the CLEO Technology Transfer Program took place in the Exhibit Hall. Anis Rahman (Applied Research and Photonics, Inc.) kicked off the program with a keynote on “Becoming an Entrepreneur and Sustaining a Technology Business: What It Takes in Today’s World.” His claim was that much of what start-ups are taught is wrong. Rather than concentrating on creating a business plan and organizational chart, he says, the first step to a successful commercial start-up is to find out what the customers need and develop a business model. For instance, will the start-up be a manufacturer or a service provider? A product development plan with launch dates is important to a start-up as revenues are critical to new businesses. In his words, “small businesses must achieve the most with the least.”

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CLEO: 2014 Day 6
Friday, June 13

Final Day of CLEO Features Bio Symposia, 100 GbE Workshop

Even on the 6th day of a long week, attendees found a last round of programming gems to attend on Friday.

Special symposia concluded with sessions in the CLEO: Applications & Technology Track. Advanced optical methods are becoming central to neuroscience research. Friday’s symposium on neurophotonics  highlighted work that enables brain mapping activity and function with a special emphasis on the technologies that enable imaging and sensing of live brains. Speakers from several disciplines presented their work in the context of President Obama’s recently announced BRAIN Initiative, which seeks to create new research to increase the understanding of the human brain and develop new treatment and prevention for neurological disorders. Experts presented the latest in OCT for brain mapping and imaging of brain injuries, optogenetics for deciphering neural circuits, imaging of oxygen delivery and consumption in the brain and more. 

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Final Wrap-up


CLEO: 2014 Closes with Increased Attendance, Six Days of Innovative Laser Science & Applications

With a record number of paper submissions and the highest attendance in five years, CLEO: 2014 concluded last week after six days of quality presentations, diverse symposia, important business insights and unique innovations from prominent companies in the laser and electro-optics industry. The event was host to 5,000 attendees and featured sessions and activities in areas such as photonics for brain mapping, high-power lasers, nanophotonics, laser therapeutics, nonlinear optics, quantum optics, technology transfer, laser-based manufacturing and more

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