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Technology Transfer Program

The Technology Transfer Program will include a Pitch Panel for entrepreneurs to showcase their technology, explain why it is valuable and discuss the next steps to commercialization. In addition, the program will continue to provide a Tutorial for those that want to learn more about the licensing process – funding, entrepreneurship, technology transfer and intellectual property. In addition, organizations will feature their license ready technologies at tabletop displays in the exhibit hall.

The 2014 Tech Transfer Program included the following sessions. Please check back for 2015 Programming.

Keynote Presentation:

Becoming an Entrepreneur and Sustaining a Technology Business: What It Takes in Today's World
Keynote Speaker - Dr. Anis Rahman, founder, President and Chief Technology Officer of Applied Research & Photonics (ARP) Inc.

Tutorial: Technology Transfer 101: Technology Licensing and Tech Startups


Giacomo Vacca, President, Kinetic River Corporation


Technology Transfer at NRL
Craig Hoffman and Keith Williams, Head Photonics Technology Branch, Optical Sciences Division, US Naval Research Lab

Working with NASA 101
Enidia Santiago-Arce, Technology Transfer Manager, NASA

From Fiber Lasers to EUV – Successful Transition of Licensed Technology
Christopher Wood, Chief Technology Officer, KMLabs, Inc.

Technology Pitch Panel


Giacomo Vacca, President, Kinetic River Corporation


A Low-cost Universal Ultra-broadband SERS Substrate for "All" Excitation Wavelengths
Qiaoqiang Gan, Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo

Multi-resonant Gain Resonators: Closing the Green/Yellow Gap
Ajaykumar (“Ajay”) Jain, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, VerLase Technologies, LLC

Low-cost, High Resolution Shortwave Infrared Cameras Based on Compressive Sensing
Lenore McMackin, Chief Technology Officer, InView Technology Corporation

D-scan: A New Patent Pending Technology for Measuring and Compressing Ultrashort Laser Pulses
Rosa Romero, CEO, Sphere Ultrafast Photonics, LDA