Technical Conference:
14 – 19 May 2017
16 – 18 May 2017

2016 Tech Playground


At CLEO: EXPO, attendees have the opportunity to visit participating exhibitors during CLEO Tech Playground to network with company representatives and explore the latest industry innovations and solutions.

With a playing card in hand, attendees visit participating exhibitors. When the completed card is returned, attendees are entered into a daily drawing for the chance to win a $200 American Express gift card.

Read the Tech Playground rules.

Participating Exhibitors (2016)

Calmar Laser: Calmar will be demonstrating the new Carmel X-series, a range of 780 nm ultrafast fiber laser products. With power levels over 1 W and sub 90 fs pulse widths, the Carmel is completely air-cooled and a perfect replacement for a bulky Ti:sapphire laser. It is so compact you have to see it to believe it! With full computer control and remote diagnostic capabilities, Carmel is perfect for OEM and scientific biomedical imaging and metrology applications.

COHERENT, INC.: Stop by our booth to discover the answer to the following question, "How many mirrors constitute the STAR regenerative amplifier cavity in Coherent's Astrella ultrafast amplifier?"

Newport: Newport invites all fighter pilots to test their skills in a competition to destroy the Starkiller Base while avoiding First Order entanglements. This head-to-head OpticsCage+ laser gun battle is sure to bring out the resistance hero in everyone.  Is the Force with you? Test your powers of influence, strategy and luck at Newport's BB8 DroidQuest  - Featuring our new BroadBeam High Reflector mirrors, BeamBlocks and some of your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away…..

Optimax: Optimax builds optics behind the latest breakthrough technologies in aerospace, defense, medical,
semicondutor and consumer electronics. This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary and will be
sharing samples of our optical components and a little q&a on them, and then some cool take aways.

Photonics Media: Photonics Media's Photonics ProdSpec is a new online marketplace to find a product with the
exact specifications you need for your application. You'll find hundreds of cameras, lasers
and spectrometers listed, with more products being added all the time. Photonics ProdSpec
allows you to filter by specific datapoints, compare products side by side, download spec
sheets and request information with one click.

Princeton Instruments: Learn how Princeton Instruments’ breakthrough scientific imaging and spectroscopy software, LightField, integrates with and empowers their award-winning IsoPlane spectrometers, NIRvana SWIR cameras and SOPHIA ultra-low-noise CCD cameras.

RESOLUTION Spectra Systems:Demonstration of an high resolution Laser Spectrum Analyzer.
Visualize the spectrum of a Diode FeedBack laser (DFB), measure its central wavelength, check its stability, change the output wavelength by playing on the current and temperature of the laser, observe hopping modes!
The ZOOM Spectra spectrometer is based on innovative SWIFTS technology.

Sacher Lasertechnik GmbH: Sacher Lasertechnik demonstrates a saturated Rubidium Absorption experiment. Demonstrated is the new next generation Micro X Cavity laser system. This laser system is integrated with a compact saturated Rubidium Absorption Setup. Provides is a hands-on experience with RF Modulation Spectroscopy with a state of the art FPGA top of line lock of the laser system to the Rb D2 hyperfine transition.

Santec: The Santec Swept Test System STS-550 and STS-710 has been developed to streamline photonic testing, providing a complete solution where high-speed, high resolution and accuracy are key. Combining one of Santec’s tunable lasers (TSL-710 or TSL-550) with a Santec optical power meter (MPM-200), and software, the complete Swept Test System offers a fast analysis of WDL for optical components, photonic devices and subsystems.

Southern Photonics: We are presenting a live demonstration of femtosecond pulse shaping using a combination of the Southern Photonics femtosecond seed laser and a Finisar Waveshaper under user control via a laptop computer.This enables the generation of arbitrarily shaped ps and fs laser pulses including parabolic, square and Gaussian shaped pulses, double pulses etc. The output is monitored spectrally and temprarily using an OSA and an autocorrelator.Further details can be found at 

TOPTICA Photonics: Please stop by the TOPTICA booth to perform high precision gas spectroscopy with a widely tunable laser and experience high speed wavelength meters with High finesse.


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