Laser Science to Photonic Applications

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Sponsored by the American Physical Society/ Division of Laser Science (APS/DLS), the Institute of Electronic Engineers Photonics Society (Photonics Society) and the Optical Society (OSA), CLEO, the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, provides the full range of critical developments in the field, showcasing the most significant milestones from laboratory to marketplace.

Well-known for its world-renowned peer-reviewed program, CLEO unites the field of lasers and electro-optics by bringing together all aspects of laser technology and offers high-quality content featuring break-through research and applied innovations in areas such as ultrafast lasers, energy-efficient optics, quantum electronics, biophotonics and more.

CLEO: 2014 Highlights

  • Comprehensive technical program featuring 1,900 presentations and hundreds of sessions covering the most important technical developments, including fundamental research in electro-optics, innovative developments in laser science, and commercial applications in photonics. Research is presented under these core conferences:
  • Professional Short Courses taught by leading experts
  • FREE interactive, hands-on Expo featuring 300 participating companies from around the world representing the laser and electro-optics industry. The CLEO: Expo also presents: